(Communications Ways & Means)

Telecommunications Consultancy Services


CWM continues to provide superior consultancy services to the telecommunications industry, at various levels.



CWM is privileged to perform an oversight function in the Nigerian VSAT sector. This position affords us a clear understanding of the dynamics of the sector. We define key issues and make lasting recommendations to clients in relation to using VSAT technology for constructing communicating data networks.

We manage project implementation, and analyse proposed network performance based on equipment specifications.


Business Intelligence

We provide extensive business intelligence gathering services for a number of companies in the private telecommunications operators (PTOs) sector. This service also extends to other business information gathering exercises for well-known international news magazines including the Fortune magazine, and a corporate search/confirmation service used by the United States Embassy in Nigeria.



In the telecommunications sector, CWM is respected for its depth of knowledge in the area of regulatory policy that empowers operatives to run their businesses with the best possible understanding of the governing rules and regulations.


CWM also retains the confidence of the regulatory body itself. We have been

responsible over the years, for providing consulting services to the Nigerian

Communications Commission (NCC) in the area of international gateway policy for both

data and voice networks. 


We continue to be highly sought after by the commission for specific projects relating to the application of Regulatory Policy and Monitoring and Enforcement in the telecommunications sector. This includes technical verification and performance monitoring in the various sectors of the industry. 



CWM Geographic Information Services (GIS)


CWM has invested significant resource in its Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) infrastructure, to enable the company offer quality services and consultancy in the country, with particular attention paid to the Telecommunications and Nigerian Oil and Gas sectors.

Our range of services in this area include the following:


-          Data Modelling

-          Attribute Data Gathering

-          Mapping of both spatial and attribute data

-          Address Geo-coding

-          Basic Spatial Queries

-          Risk Analysis Reports

-          Rights of Way Mapping


Examples of recent work carried out by CWM include the mapping of all VSAT licensee sites in Nigeria, including client sites. This consultancy, which was carried out on behalf of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), also established the first telecommunications geodatabase in the country on VSAT.


Furthermore, CWM caried out work on behalf of the national regulator, to gather spatial data on all transmission sources in the country including transmitters, cell sites, microwave links/repeater stations and satellite earth stations installed by mobile and fixed telecoms operators, broadcasters etc.

The Nigerian Oil & Gas Sector


         CWM Ltd has contractual agreements with the largest airboat manufacturers in the world.


         CWM Ltd was 25% equity shareholder in Baker Marine Nigeria Ltd (BMNL), JV Partner  with Danos & Curole Marine Contractors, Larose Louisiana, USA.


        The JV supplied and operated a fleet of Lift Boats (Jackup Barges) and light to medium sized vessel-mounted cranes to Chevron Nigeria to work with/and service oil production facilities (oil rigs/platforms) in shallow waters and waters up to 150metres deep, between 1992 and 1998.


        CWM Ltd was sole Nigerian Representative for Reuters Limited in the sale and installation of the Reuters Oil Service for delivery of live screen-based crude and products prices and oil sector live news (1988). Clients included:

a.       NNPC (5 installations)

b.      State House, Aso Rock (3 installations)

c.       Defense  Headquarters (2 installations)

The services are still in use to date.