(Communications Ways & Means)

CWM LTD (Communications Ways & Means) was the country’s first indigenous electronic information vendor, providing live market prices and news (via satellite and terrestrial circuits) to forex and commodities traders in the banking and commodities sectors in Nigeria. 


CWM was incorporated in Lagos in June 1990 (RC No. 150957).

Today, CWM is a telecommunications consultancy provider in the area of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and its applications in the Nigerian business and social environments.

CWM over the years, has also diversified into electronic and manned security solutions for banks, and provides sophisticated marine platforms for maintaining the security of infrastructure in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.



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Email: info@cwmlimitedng.com
Phone: 234- 08033067060
15, Biaduo Street, S/W, Ikoyi